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Audit Service

Some of audits service that we provides:-

AS01 Audit service on company business management
AS02 Audit service for QMS (medical, testing, calibration)
AS03 Audit service for SLIPTA (WHO AFRO Lab Network Program)
AS04 Audit service for various ISOs requirements
AS05 Audit service on financial statement
AS06 Audit service on Kaizen
AS07 Audit service on biosafety and biosecurity
AS08 Audit service on laboratory tests
AS09 Audit service on GMP, GLP, GDP
AS10 Audit service on hygiene and sanitation
AS11 Audit service on warehouse management
AS12 Audit service on cytology and histology lab
AS13 Audit service on LIS, APLIS, HMIS, MIS
AS14 Audit service on property management
AS15 Performance audit
AS16 Operational audit
AS17 Employee benefit plan audit
AS18 Compliance audit
AS19 Information system audit
AS20 Value for money audit
AS21 Statutory audit

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