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Training service

Some of training lists that we provides:-   TS01 Training service for QMS TS02 Training service for LQMS TS03 Training service on various ISO standards (ISO15189, ISO17025, ISO15190, ISO22000, HACCP, ISO45000, ISO50001, HACCP, GMP, GLP, GCLP, ISO19001, ISO31000, etc.) TS04 Training service on laboratory design and construction TS05 Training service on Kaizen TS06 Training service […]
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Projects underway

USAID MS4G- Subcontracted by BCAD PLC ASK International Trading – 1 Year project 2021 -2022 – Business Advisory Service NBS coffee exports -1 Year project 2021 -2022: Business Advisory Service Etege Design PLC- 3 months project 2021-2022 -Basic Kaizen
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Business Service

Some of lists of Business Service we provides:   BS01 Business advisory service (large and SMEs) BS02 Business plan (strategic) development BS03 Business feasibility study BS04 Business reengineering consultancy service BS05 Business financial consultancy service BS06 Business system development service BS07 Business investment linkage support service BS08 Business marketing consultancy service BS09 Business executing service […]
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Our scope of services cover the following major areas

ISOs related consultancy services Support for QI service providers, Process and system analysis Business process reengineering Validation and verification Equipment and process qualifications (DI, IQ, OI, PQ) Customized and target oriented Workflow design Laboratory information system Monitoring and evaluation Kaizen and TQMS Equipment maintenance and support Conducting Survey Data collection, data entry and analysis Feasibility […]
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